Saving money on Gas by buying Gift Cards

How can you save money on gas by buying gift cards?

I save 6% on my gas purchases through this method.

And I still eat at the restaurants of my choice, without running extra activity on my credit card, which makes tracking the expenses easier. How do I do it?

I buy my gift cards at Kroger when they offer 4-x points on gift card purchases. If I spend $100 on Panera gift cards (which is about 9 meals), then I get 400 points, which is equivalent to 40 cents off on each gallon of gas I purchase. My car can handle 15 gallons, so that saves me $6. Which is 6% of the $100 I spent. You can accumulate enough points to get up to $1 off now on a gallon of gas, which can be obtained by spending $250 on gift cards.

How much do you spend on different restaurants in a month or 2? I buy Skyline and Panera, but there are quite a few gift cards available through this 4X program. And if you vehicle takes up to 20 gallons, you can save 8% on what you spend.

And you can even combine Kroger cards to put all the points on one account, so if family members shop, but don’t really spend much on gas, (like my Mom), you can add their shopping points to your account. Another benefit of the card, is to raise funds for a select charity, which is another blog for later.

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