Going from Stagnant to Great:

Companies, that have been around for a while, who have in place the systems for providing their goods or services, recording transactions and making some money, seem to have everything. But often times, that surface calm is a sign of stagnation in the thought process to improve.

Becoming set in your ways, doing things the same as last year, and convincing yourself that “we’re doing OK”, are all signs of a company that isn’t getting better, faster or stronger.

How does a company that is in that position get moving again?

You might remember the physics rule – things in motion tend to stay in motion, and things at rest tend to stay at rest. Well if your company is “at rest”, who can give you a push?

I recommend that you look for someone who can come in with a fresh set of eyes to see your business in a new reality, someone who can challenge the thinking of We’re doing OK, and that’s how we have always done it, with new ideas and thought processes.

This is the world of Consultants, Coaches and Business Advisors. When you bring in that new perspective, you can start to see things through their eyes, with their excitement and wonder, and with a renewed memory of why you got into the business. Do you want to get moving again toward your goals?

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